6 High-Tech Promotional Products

  • Jun 26, 2023

It seems like there are new cutting-edge gadgets coming to market every day.  It’s getting hard to keep up with what is really going to make your life easier and what’s just hype. We’ve put together the coolest tech promotional products right now that are sure to impress even the techies.  Here are 6 of our favorite tech products right now. 

Wireless Headphones


Who wants to spend time untangling wires every time they pull out their headphones? Enjoy the freedom of going wireless.  No more accidentally unplugging your headphones in the middle of your favorite song or knocking your phone off the table when you turn around, these headphones let you go anywhere and take your music with you!

Wireless Charging Stand

Wireless charging devices are becoming more common as most new phones have wireless charging capabilities. This futuristic charging method means no more replacing frayed charging cables or having to keep different chargers for friends and family members.  With this device, just place the phone on the charger and pick it up when it’s charged!

Personal Assistant Bluetooth Speaker


Personal assistant speakers, also known as smart speakers, are not just a way to listen to your favorite music playlists, you can ask it to do a multitude of tasks with just your voice! Equipped with a virtual assistant, it can give you the weather report, set a timer, find information on countless topics, or even give you the score of your favorite game.

VR Headset


VR headsets now allow you to slide your phone right into the goggles, so you can easily experience virtual reality anywhere you go. Play VR games or even watch 360-degree movies at home! There is plenty of new VR content created every day for your customers to explore on their phones.

Smart Watch


Smart watches can help you keep up with notifications from friends and family as well as stay on top of your health goals! With activity trackers, heart rate monitors, and live message updates you can have everything at your fingertips with a smart watch.


Bluetooth Tracker


Never look for your keys or your phone again! Bluetooth trackers sync with an app on your phone so you can use the app to send an alert signal to your key tracker making it easier to find them.  Alternately, if your phone is missing, just press the button on the tracker to send the alert signal to your phone. 

We would love to help you customize any of these promotional products and thousands more. Contact us today to get started!


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