Cincinnati Reds – “Charlie Hustle Commemorative Statue”


Challenge Create a replica of the Pete Rose bronze statue outside Great American Ball Park for a Cincinnati Reds gameday giveaway. The statue is of Pete Rose diving headfirst into third base, without any supporting structure below him. As an iconic part of both the history of the franchise and the stadium itself, the Reds wished to replicate the statue for a fan giveaway. An engineering feat, APC needed to remain true to the structure of the statue while ensuring that breakage and damage during shipping was nullified.

Solution APC brought in the original sculptor, Tom Tsuchiya, who created a miniature mold that we were able to use for the replica statue. We then reinforced the replica statues with steel rods to avoid breakage during transit. This collaboration allowed us to stay true to the original statue and deliver one of the most coveted giveaways – and keepsakes – the Reds have ever done.

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Hoxworth Blood Center – “Hero Socks”


Challenge – Fall is a difficult time for blood banks so our challenge was to design and develop a creative, yet cost-effective giveaway for the client that would encourage donors to come in during an already busy season and donate blood.

Solution Socktober! That’s right, APC created a month-long celebration for our client! During the month of October (Socktober) every donor received a pair of limited-edition “Hoxworth Hero” socks as a thank you gift for donating blood. The socks had a fun design – including a cape – that became coveted all over the area while remaining well within the client’s budget.

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Faber Castell – “The Main Event”


Challenge – Faber Castell's sales team were charged with delivering theme-based presentations for their clients. To add a bit more complexity, the meetings needed to be fun and memorable.

Solution APC raised the bar by designing an entire campaign for Faber Castell with a boxing theme called "The Main Event". Each Faber Castell sales representative was provided with Everlast Fight Robes and Shorts. On the back of the robes, we embroidered the word Champ arched over each salesperson’s name – with their top clients receiving one as well. We then had portable fight rings with the Faber Castell logo on the canvas which was set up at each presentation. "The Main Event" logo was put on caps, miniature key chain boxing gloves, golf balls, towels, and golf tees. Additionally, APC created a sales incentive gift – something that would knock out the competition. When APC learned that Muhammed Ali was coming to Cincinnati to meet fans and sign autographs, we bought 2 dozen pairs of the same Everlast gloves that “the greatest” wore in his fights. For several hours, we stood in line pushing large boxes filled with boxing gloves all the way to the stage until we got to Ali. He pulled a pair of gloves out, put them on, and pretended to punch us which delighted the crowd. He signed every single pair which Faber Castell then awarded to their customers when specific sales objectives were achieved. It was a wildly successful campaign and shows how APC goes all 12 rounds for our clients!

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