Leadership Team

MEET Randy Ficke




Favorite Promotional Product: Bobbleheads – they’re a fun, unique collectible with a great success rate for bringing fans to the stands

Why Promotional Products Work: It's the only advertising medium where people say, “thank you” after receiving it

Favorite Pastime: Boating and Floating on Norris Lake with my family

Sports Team

MEET Greg McCollam



Favorite Project: Doing a replica of the Pete Rose statue outside of Great American Ball Park. The unusual pose (sliding headfirst) required unique engineering to produce so it was a challenging but successful project.

Why Promotional Products Work: Anyone can use them!

Favorite Sports Team: Cincinnati Reds

MEET Jeff Stewart



Favorite Project: I made a replica stadium for the Wilkes-Barre/Scranton Penguins Hockey team. The level of detail and design that was put into it really made for a successful giveaway item.

Best part of the Promo industry: The constant and endless challenge of each and every order, no two are the same!

Favorite Band: Phish… I’ve seen them 27, almost 28 times!

Sales Team

MEET Lauren Graden

lgraden@associatedpremium.com LinkedIn


Favorite Promotional Product: Any product that has a measurable impact for my customers, but personally, I'll always love a really soft, comfy tee and you can never go wrong with a good tumbler.

Why Promotional Products Work:  Creating a genuine connection between a brand and consumer isn't a simple task, but promotional merch helps build that bridge and create a lasting impression. 

Favorite Meal:  Who needs a meal when you can go straight to dessert, preferably ice cream!?

MEET Michelle Greene Harrell

mgreene@associatedpremium.com LinkedIn


Why Promotional Products Work: The ROI and shelf life of a promotional product is unlike any other advertising medium.

What do you like best about working at APC: The capabilities to do big projects with our overseas vendors

Beverage of Choice on a Friday night:  Spicey jalapeno margarita

MEET Lori Youkilis Heiney

lheiney@associatedpremium.com LinkedIn


Favorite Promotional Product:  Any that is a success!  I love a good garment so that's probably my favorite category.

Best Promo Story: My funniest project was for an underwear company - I did whoopie cushions for them.

Favorite Sports Team: Kentucky Wildcats for basketball and for football it would be my alma mater, The Ohio State University Buckeyes. O  H 

MEET Tracy Jordan



Why Promotional Products WorkThey’re a fantastic and cost-effective way to advertise, plus people love receiving them!

What do you like best about working at APC: Being part of the creative process that makes so many people happy.

Favorite TV Show: Modern Family because I had the opportunity to spend a day on the set with the cast and they were amazing!

MEET Jim Kahles



Best Promo Story:  Watching 100,000 fans wearing our sunglasses during a memorial lap at the at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway in honor of Dan Weldon.

Favorite Promotional Product: Baseball Caps

MEET Susie Schwartz



Favorite Promotional Product: I work with several major healthcare providers so custom embroidered scrubs are a top choice

What do you like best about working at APC: Selling to her favorite customers

First Concert: the Beatles!

MEET Dylan Ficke



Favorite Promotional Product: Embroidered caps. They have a high perceived value, great exposure when worn, and a low cost investment. I don’t leave the house without one!

Favorite Meal: Pizza because even bad pizza is good pizza

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Support Team

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